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Toms River Canoe & Kayak Race

41st Annual Toms River Canoe & Kayak Race

2013 Date will be Sunday, September 8, 2013


17 canoe and kayak down river and open water races for novice to experienced paddlers on the Toms River. New this year--a 6-mile open water class for Stand Up Paddleboards! Free transportation for you and your boat for downriver events. All paddlers meet at the Toms River Bridge parking lot at Irons Street. Hosted by the Jersey Paddler and prizes provided by the Jersey Paddler and other sponsors! Down river races are held on the Toms River from Riverwood Park to Huddy Park. The race course is 8.5 miles long with 85% slow moving, shallow freshwater with many turns. Water level seldom requires any portage. Winning times range between one hour and twenty minutes to two hours and twenty minutes.

Congratulations Racers!

Down River Race    
Open Water Class 

Toms River Canoe & Kayak Race




Place – Name – Elapsed Time – Racer #

Solo Master's Kayak Over 12'  
  1 Dave Moore  1:28:20 #5
  2 Fred Linkhart  1:40:02  #23
Solo Men's Kayak Over 12' 
  1 Sean Brennan 1:15:18 #7
  2 Craig Impens 1:18:29 #6
  3 Rodger Claar 1:45:07 #1
Solo Men's Kayak 12' & U 
  1 Paul Wagner   #17
Solo Canoe 
  1 William Bryan 1:40:01 #4
  2 Dan Kenney 1:52:20 #18
  3 Lawrence Johmann 1:57:06 #16
  4 Bill Mallack 2:05:10 #8
  5 Harris Goldstein 2:30:17 #21
Solo Women's Kayak Over 12' 
  1 Penny Meller 1:51:58 #2
Solo Women's Kayak 12' & Under 
  1 Brielle Ryan 1:58:19 #14
Men's Tandem 
  1 Bob Johnston/Dave Impens 1:30:02 #3
  2 Douglas McGee/Cody McGee 1:44:58 #15
  3 Wayne VanDerHoof/Chris Simoes 2:00:49 #11
  4 Michael Poland/Jason Tsaoys 2:05:31 #12
Mixed Tandem 
  1 George Grant/Olivia Iwaniuk 2:04:31 #9

Open Water Race    
Open Water Class 

Place – Name – Elapsed Time – Open Water Racer #

Experienced Kayak 4 mi 9:30 am  
  1 James Kotran 0:39:19 #6
  2 Joe Ervin 0:40:25 #5
  3 Gary Wilkinson 0:48:02 #4
  4 Bob Rau 0:55:40 #12
Novice Kayak 4 mi 9:30am 
  1 Carolyn Essington 0:53:41 #2
  2 Archie Harrison 0:57:13 #1
  3 Kim Polimeni 0:59:30 #7
  4 Pete Postorino 1:11:21 #3
Tandem 4 mi 9:30 am 
  1 Ray/Raymond Zuhowski 0:40:16 #13
Exp. Touring Kayak or Canoe 6 mi 11:30am 
  1 Bill Ruthrauff 0:57:01 #22
  2 John Redos 1:00:01 #19
  3 Ray Zuhowski 1:05:02 #14
  4 Joe Ervin 1:09:21 #8
Novice Touring 6 mi 11:30am 
  1 Juan Banks 1:21:05 #20
  2 Jim King 1:33:25 #15
Surf Ski/Outriggers/Open Canoe 6 mi 11:30am 
  1 Craig Impens 0:55:54 #9
  2 Rich Demers 0:56:00 #18
  3 Slava Sadhkin 0:56:37 #24
  4 Nik Alshayer 0:59:58 #25
Stand Up Paddleboard 6 mi 11:30am 
  1 Ed O'Kinsky 1:14:14 #11
  2 Kenny Bazcerski 1:14:56 #16
  3 Darryl Heale 1:20:22 #17
  4 Peter Kusion 1:21:49 #26
  5 Scott Sucar 1:25:23 #27
  6 Josette Lata 1:28:23 #10


PRIOR YEAR'S REGISTRATION INFORMATION FROM 2012--will be updated to 2013 soon


Entry Fees: $17 per solo, $25 per tandem, $22 both open water & down river races

Pre-registration closes Sept. 3, 2012; $5 late fee thereafter or day of race

OLD 2012 RACE APPLICATION, please CLICK HERE (PDF opens in new window). Drop off or mail to the store with your payment. Applications are also available at the Jersey Paddler store in Brick.


If you have any questions, please call the Jersey Paddler store at 1-888-22-KAYAK.


Down River Events

Men’s Tandem
Women’s Tandem
Mixed Tandem
Family Tandem (1-Under 13)
Youth Tandem (Both 16 & Under)
Solo Canoe
 / Men’s Kayak (12 feet & under)
Women’s Kayak (12 feet & under)
Men’s Kayak (Over 12 feet)
Women’s Kayak (Over 12 feet)
Master’s Kayak (Over 12 feet) - 45yrs & Up

Open Water Events - 9:30 am

Novice Kayak (4 miles)
Experienced Kayak (4 miles)

Open Water Events - 11:30 am

NEW! SUP Stand Up Paddleboard (6 miles)
Surf Ski/Outriggers/Open Canoe (6 miles)
Novice Touring (6 miles)
Exp. Touring Kayak or Canoe (6 miles)

Open water loop races are held on the north side of the Toms River between Huddy Park and the Toms River Fold Course. Each loop is two miles long. Winning times are about 45 minutes for the 4-mile categories and about one hour for the 6-mile categories.



All paddlers meet at the Toms River Bridge Parking Lot, at Irons Street between West Water Street and Herflicker Blvd, across the street from the Toms River Post Office.

Down river racers will be shuttled to the race starting point from this parking lot. The boat ramp launch at this parking lot is the end of the down river races and the start and finish for the open water loop races.


From the Garden State Parkway Southbound, take exit 81 and bear right onto Lakehurst Road heading east over the overpass. Go through one light and continue straight (the road name changes around here to West Water Street). Go past the Post Office on your right and get in the righthand lane to turn right onto Irons Street. Make an immediate left into the parking lot opposite the Post Office.
From the Garden State Parkway Northbound, take exit 81 and continue straight through the first intersection on West Water Street. Continue past the Post Office on your right and get in the righthand lane to turn right onto Irons Street. Make an immediate left into the parking lot opposite the Post Office.







2011 RACE RESULTS {Race/Place-Name-Time (Hr:Min:Sec)}


Solo Masters OVER  12’
1 Dave Moore 1h 32m 23s
2 Eric Bothur 1h 42m 28s
3 Glen Green 1h 50m 14s
   Andriy Lyssikov 2h 29m 41s
   Eric Reed 2h 32m 24s 

Solo Men’s Over 12’
1 Sean Brennan 1h 18m 29s
2 Jason Johnston 1h 36m 33s
3 Fred Linkhart 1h 49m 58s
   Wayne Vanderhoof 2h 49m 16s
   Steffan Gable 2h 35m 1s 

Solo Men’s 12’ and Under
1 Rodger Claar 1h 48m 27s
2 Pat Aiello 1h 52m 43s
3 Christopher MacKinnon 1h 57m 41s
   Allen Tinkler 2h 13m 30s
   Martin McEnroe 2h 24m 30s
   Joshua McEnroe 2h 26m 23s
   Eddie Majoras 2h 42m 5s


Solo Canoe
1 William Bryan 1h 42m 40s
2 John Ponticorvo 1h 57m 13s
3 William Mallack 2h 22m 17s
Harris Goldetein 2h 33m 52s


Solo Women’s Over 12’
1 Penny Meller 1h 58m 40s 

Solo Women’s 12’ and Under
1 Maria McLaughlin 2h 44m 55s

 Family Tandem
1 Doug McGee/Cody McGee 1h 54m 44s
2 Cathy Ross/Drew Polhemus 2h 5m 3s
   Jeremy Seith/Dayton Emmons Did not finish 

Men’s Tandem
1 Bob Johnston/Dave Impens 1h 28m 59s 

Women’s Tandem
1 Marissa Beckett/Rachel Markey 2h 24m 41s
2 Kristin Kaelin/Caitlyn Hoeflja 3h 8m 25s
   Cathy Ross/Cheryl Kruse Did not finish

Mixed Tandem
1 Susan Kaelin/Robert Kaelin 2h 4m 43s
2 George Grant/Olivia Iwaniuk 2h 10m 9s 

Youth Tandem
   Taylor White/Jazmin Krueger Did not finish
   Jenna Sodano/Cami Watanabe Did not finish



Experience Kayak 4 mile
1 Craig Impens 0h 34m 39s
2 Ray and Raymond Zuhowski 0h 37m 9s
3 Gary Wilkinson 0h 47m 20s

Novice Kayak 4 mile
1 Gary Rancort 0h 39m 43s
2 Adrian Carolan 0h 52m 2s
3 Robert Rau 0h 52m 22s
   Ping Kuo 0h 53m 28s

Experience Touring 6 mile
1 Joe Ervin 0h 59m 42s

Surfski/Outrigger 6 mile
1 William Ruthrauff 0h 53m 38s
2 James Kotran 0h 54m 45s
3 Nick Alshayev 0h 57m 24s

Novice Touring 6 mile
1 Vyacheslav Sadkhin 0h 58m 43s

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