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Paddlesport 2014 Seminars and Pool Demonstrations


Seminars take place on Friday, March 28, Saturday March 29 and Sunday March 30 in the Garden State Exhibit Center seminar rooms and in the adjoining Doubletree Hotel meeting rooms, subject to change.


Pool Demonstrations at the Paddlesport Show


New in 2014 - A second demonstration pool on the show floor inside the Garden State Exhibit Center. On-the-water demonstrations will also be held at the DoubleTree Hotel’s pool next to the Garden State Exhibit Center. Pool demonstrations take place on Friday from 4 to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 3 pm. 

SUP Made Easy - Get ready to follow along on land while Danny teaches on water in this interactive. You will walk away with the essential skills and exercises to take home to advance your SUP paddling

Get Rolling! - Learn what you need to know to do an eskimo roll with great tips to build your skills and confidence in and under the water, by Jerry McAward

Understanding Boat Control - See those boat design elements at work on the water, by Steve Scherrer

Rescue Progression - Ben Lawry and Steve Scherrer use the pool to show a progression of kayak rescues that most paddlers should master. They use their 60+ years of experience teaching paddling to show folks tricks they can use to have success when practicing rescues whilst proving that it can be fun!

Learn to Paddle in an Hour - Forward stroke, rolling and self-rescue demonstrations, by Ben Lawry

Kayak Rescues - Tried and True - Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association presents rescues and tips for groups and solo paddlers by members and instructors of JSSKA

Stand Up Paddle Yoga -
Jamie & Justin McGiver lead a demonstration of yoga poses and sequences on a paddleboard

Select the Right SUP Board - Mike Simpson will guide you through how to select the right standup paddleboard for you in this on the water demonstration of choosing from board sizes, shapes and designs  

Rods, Casting and Catching Fish in a Kayak -
Learn which rods to take along with you and pick up tips on how to cast off and land your catch in from a kayak in this on-water demonstration by Capt. John Luchka

Shallow Water Sight Cast Fly Angling from a Paddleboard - Beau Thebault leads a SUP fishing demonstration

Kayak Angling: Five Essentials Skills You Need to Know - Join Mark Lozier, pro-staff for Werner Paddles, in the Paddlesport pool to take a look at five essential skills you need to get the most from your kayak fishing. As you watch on from the pool side, he will get you to be a more efficient paddler and affective angler.  Have your questions ready and be prepared to be entertained.


Brian Quarrier and Allie Miller Paddlesport Speakers

Allie Miller and Brian Quarrier
740 Miles on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in a Homemade Strip Canoe

In May 2013, Allie and Brian decided to build a basswood strip canoe and thru-paddle the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. They finished their adventure in 36 days and are already itching to hit the water again. Enjoy the Canoe Trail yourself with their photos and stories about the journey.

About Allie Miller and Brian Quarrier:
Allie and Brian are both New England natives, but they met in California working as outdoor educators. They quickly discovered that they have complementary canoeing skills and experience: Brian grew up paddling the waters of New England, led week long canoe trips as a teacher at the Darrow School, and built a strip canoe in 2011. Allie fell in love with the sport in college and spent her summers whitewater canoeing in the southeast. She also guides trips on the Colorado River in the spring and fall.


Jaime McGiver Paddlesport SpeakerPaddling for Fitness Boot Camp
Jamie and Justin McGiver

Join Justin and Jamie for a morning boot camp session for men and women to get your mojo for a fruitful day. Come with a yoga mat or towel and be ready for a workout to build strength and endurance for paddling.

About Jamie and Justin 

Justin McGiver Paddlesport SpeakerJamie is an ACE certified Paddle Yoga instructor, a level II PaddleFit Coach, a WPA certified Paddleboard Instructor and is an ISSA certified Fitness Trainer. During the school year, she's a School Social Worker. The water heals, she says. Justin is a level II PaddleFit Coach, an ACA Certified Paddleboard Instructor, a NYS licensed guide in Rock and Ice Climbing, Whitewater Rafting, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping, and Boats and Canoes. He also builds things and fixes things, and in general is a real life MacGyver. Jamie and Justin are owners and operators of Sackets Harbor SUP in Northern New York.  

Alvah Maloney Paddlesport SpeakerAlvah Maloney
Kayaking in Maine – The Way Paddling Should Be

Maine offers a wide variety of kayaking opportunities. Discover sea, lake, and whitewater kayaking in Maine with guide Alvah Maloney: Explore the quiet, secluded bays and coves of the Scenic Maine Coast, while frolicking with terns and harbor seals. Listen to the haunting call of loons over a moonlit Maine lake in the evening and paddle a kayak among moose, salmon and osprey during the day. Or enjoy a relaxing evening campfire while reliving your thrilling day whitewater kayaking the wild gorges of some of New England's best whitewater.

About Alvah Maloney:
Alvah Maloney is the owner of Maine Kayak, based in the beautiful mid-coast region of Maine on the Pemaquid Peninsula in New Harbor. Born and raised in a one-room log cabin, Alvah's love for the outdoors was instilled at a young age through his parents’ whitewater rafting company. After working summers on the river and spending winters backpacking and paddling through Costa Rica and Chile, the latter as part of the National Outdoor Leadership School semester in Patagonia, Alvah graduated from Unity College with a B.S. in Outdoor Recreation. He began Maine Kayak as a whitewater instruction program but quickly expanded to sea kayaking and lake touring in 2003. Now in its 15th year, Maine Kayak gives Alvah the opportunity to share his love of the outdoors and the beautiful paddling environments of the great state of Maine every season.

Blake Longworth Paddlesport SpeakerBlake Longworth

Layering for Conditions

Learn how to layer clothing to keep you comfortable and protected while paddling. This clinic will help educate kayakers, canoeist and standup paddlers on the variety of layering options available, how the pieces work together, and what the best layering set ups are for a variety of paddling conditions. We will have example pieces of clothing from NRS and other manufacturers attending the Paddlesport Show.  

About Blake Longworth:
Blake has been working with NRS since 2006. This Mid-Western native called northern Idaho and it's frigid waters home for 5 years. He's worked as a raft guide and kayak instructor and has paddled in extreme conditions ranging from July in the Grand Canyon to January in Northern Idaho. Blake currently calls the Chesapeake Bay home and when he isn't kayaking, rafting or SUPing, he works as the NRS Field Representative.  

Paddlesport Speaker Mike SimpsonMike Simpson
Distance/Day Trip SUP Paddling

Mike Simpson will hold a Q & A forum on expedition stand up paddle boarding. Just off his latest circumnavigation around Puerto Rico, Bic Ambassador Mike will share his knowledge from previous trips to help you prepare SUP day trips and expeditions. In 2011 Mike and Will Rich paddled from Key West to Portland Maine. Mike has also paddled the Connecticut River from Canada to Long Island Sound, as well as the Hudson River to NYC. This will be a fun and informative forum, whether you are planning your first 3-mile trip or a 90-day self-support, Mike has insights for all.


Mike Simpson
How to Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board

Choosing a stand up board can seem overwhelming at first, but Mike will guide you through the options to pick the right board for you. Learn about designs, explore SUP construction and materials, figure out how to get the right board volume for your size, skill level, and type of conditions you’ll be paddling in, from flatwater to surf.

About Mike Simpson:
Mike realized in 1989 while swimming a surfboard down Gore Canyon of the Colorado River, that a kayak seemed more fun than getting beat up on a surfboard. Mike followed the snow in the Colorado Rockies and chased the snowmelt down the raging rivers of the West for 12 years. In 2000, on a Colorado River trip through the Grand Canyon, he met a group of surf kayak crazies. Mike has been surfing his entire life and when introduced to stand up paddleboarding, it was the perfect hybrid of kayaking and surfing for him. He has paddled countless miles and introduced hundreds of individuals to the sport. From surfing big waves to paddling any distance in any conditions, stand up paddleboarding has become his life. In 2010 Mike and Will Rich SUP'd the Eastern Seaboard from Key West FL to Portland ME to raise awareness for Wounded Warriors Project and SUP Cleanup.

Graham and Russell Henry, Paddlesport Speakers

Graham & Russell Henry
Brazil to Florida - A 6500km Journey

Join Graham and Russell Henry for highlights of their seven-month long, 4,000-mile kayak expedition from Brazil to Florida that just finished at the end of February.

Graham & Russell Henry
Packing for a 6500km Expedition

Pick up tips from these long-distance kayakers about how and what to pack for an expedition of any length.


Cliff Fawcett
Social Media for the Paddler  - Saturday

You love canoeing, kayaking and paddling of all types, but how can you connect with other paddlers? What are the best places to go? How can you find out specifics on outfitters, put ins and take outs? How can I find out what’s going on in the paddling community? The answers to these questions and more are available on social media. Attendees at this workshop will experience the best social media has to offer and learn tips and tricks for using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and others. Expand your world…  

Cliff Fawcett
Paddling Chincoteague and Assateague Islands - Saturday

Paddlesport Speaker Cliff Fawcett

Discover Chincoteague and Assateague Islands, some of the last undeveloped seashores on the Mid-Atlantic coast. The saltwater marshes and maritime forest of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge provide a welcoming habitat for numerous migratory and native bird species. Cliff will detail this unique paddling environment where you can enjoy exploration of quiet back bays, coastal touring and overnight camping in the back country.  Come experience what the natives called “the beautiful land across the waters.”

About Cliff Fawcett:
Cliff is an avid outdoorsman and paddler who has been kayaking for over 12 years. Having grown up in Annapolis, Maryland, he has enjoyed watersports from as early as he can remember. Sailing, paddling and fishing are some of his favorite activities.  His favorite place on the earth is Chincoteague Island Virginia, having vacationed there annually since he was seven.  Cliff brings years of experience and local knowledge to his presentation. 

Danny Mongno
SUP Top Ten Tips

Paddlesport Speaker Danny Mongno

So you’re a stand up paddler eh? Awesome! Maybe you are considering the sport and want to get started on the right foot? Join veteran Paddlsport presenter, Danny Mongno of Werner Paddles, as he gives you the top ten most important tips to improve your stand up paddling, make it easier and of course more fun. This will be a fun, interactive seminar, so bring and open mind and get ready to have some fun.

Danny Mongno
1-2-3 SUP – Perfecting your Forward Stroke

Now that the initial excitement of you becoming a Stand Up Paddler has sunk in, it’s should be time to start looking at building skills.  The most important, the one that helps you spend more time on the water and be less tired, is a good forward stroke. Join Werner Paddle’s Danny Mongno in this seminar to break down the SUP forward stroke and make it very simple to learn and apply to the water.  

Danny Mongno
The Many Ways to Enjoy SUP

Stand Up Paddling, or SUP, can be enjoyed in a variety some of which you may not yet be trying. Sure recreational paddling is just an amazing and fun way to enjoy time outdoors. But how about seeing how you stack up against your buddies in a race? Try catching any waves? How about fishing or even river running? Join veteran Paddlesport presenter Danny Mongno for a fun slide show and some quick tips to catch you up on all the ways you can expand your enjoyment of SUP.

Danny Mongno
Choosing the Perfect Kayak Paddle

The sure fire way to guarantee more fun while paddling is to use less energy. The best two ways to get started is to assure you are using the proper fitting paddle and to learn how to perform strokes more efficiently. In Choosing the Perfect Kayak Paddle, join kayak instructor Danny Mongno as he starts you on this quest. Starting with the paddle, we will define low angle and high angle paddling, paddle fit options, proper lengths and prescribe the perfect fitting paddle for each individual. From there we will dissect your Forward Stroke and see how, along with matching a better fitting paddle, you can use less energy and have more fun on the water. Whether you are a sea kayaker, fisherman or quietly exploring the waters in your back yard, this seminar will talk to you.

About Danny Mongno:
Danny Mongno has been paddling for 24 years, starting working at a kayak shop when he was 16 and has been on the paddle sports “Tour” now for 14 years. “Geez, I don’t feel that old!  Luckily Werner Paddles has given me the opportunity to do what I love for a living and a day does not go by that I am not thankful or stoked to be a paddler.” It is quite the lifestyle as Danny paddles most every day spending 8 months a year on the road going from event to event. Keep an eye out for him when he swings through town on the running trail, white water take out, lake, local surf spot or any where else that paddlers gather. Bar stools not excluded. 


John Pagani, Paddlesport SpeakerJohn Pagani
Great Kayaking Opportunities in New Jersey

The Garden State offers plenty of diversity and exploration to make your kayaking experiences memorable. Freshwater, saltwater, easy and challenging: explore the great kayaking opportunities New Jersey has to offer. Visit unique and intriguing spots, popular easy to reach places and scenic settings where you least expect them. Discover some hidden gems too!

About John Pagani:
Owner and founder of Kayak East LLC, a kayak instruction and touring company, John is an ACA (American Canoe Association) certified kayak instructor. He has been teaching beginner to advanced level paddling courses for the past 12 years while also guiding trips on numerous waterways in both fresh and saltwater. Having spent most of his life as an outdoors enthusiast on both land and water, John has developed an extensive experience and knowledge base that he is always willing to share with others.


Ben Lawry
Bio Mechanics of Paddling

Four of the main components of successful paddling are interactively played with in this session. Join Ben to discover how sitting and balance will affect your paddling and your boat choice. Look at power, where it comes from and how it is transmitted to your kayak. Find out about the paddle and how it interacts with your body whilst keeping you in safe paddling positions.

Paddlesport Speaker Ben LawryBen Lawry
Get the Right Kayak for You 

A clear and logical way of deciding on the correct kayak for you. Learn how to size and qualify yourself and then figure out which is the best kayak for your use, growth and style of paddling. We’ll look at all styles of kayaks – sit-on-tops, recreational boats, touring boat, crossover boats, whitewater boats, sea kayaks, surf skis and fitness boats. All you need before you buy a boat!

Ben Lawry
Essential Equipment for Paddling 

The essentials for paddling are well known - skirt, lifejacket, paddling shoes, paddles, hat. We’ll look at the key pieces for dressing to be on the water as well as drysuits, wetsuits and the correct clothing to wear under them. Other equipment and safety gear will be covered as well. Useful for the fishing kayaker, touring kayaker, flat-water paddler as well as whitewater and sea kayakers.

Ben Lawry
Dry Land Rolling Clinic

Rolling is the holy grail of kayaking: a skill that people would benefit from mastering for safety, confidence and sheer fun of it. Join Ben for a look at a couple of dependable rolls that will work in all situations and get you quickly paddling again in a strong, safe position. After having attended the dry land rolling session, then join Ben at the pool where you can see the theory and the different steps put into practice.

Ben Lawry
The Big Three: Drysuit, Lifejacket and Sprayskirt

Dress for immersion! How do you put on and take off a drysuit without being a contortionist? What should I wear underneath it? Ben will teach you how to correctly use a sprayskirt and paddling attire. What is the correct fit and size of a lifejacket? These are some of the most important and expensive accessories for paddling learn how correct select and look after them.

About Ben Lawry:
Ben has been paddling for over 35 years, and teaching/guiding for over 25. He has taught paddling on five continents and competed on three. He is head instructor and owner of Kayak Camp with his wife, Elizabeth. He has led trips and traveled extensively in South America, South Africa, Europe and North America. Ben splits his time now teaching paddling and working with stores as a brand ambassador for P&H and Lendal. His teaching also takes him to symposiums, shows and paddling rendezvous all over the United States. As a brand ambassador, he is involved with kayak design in sea, light touring and racing kayaks as well as helping in designing paddles for all disciplines. All of which has led to an in-depth knowledge of instruction/guiding practices and procedures, a strong commitment to quality service, as well as excellent organizational and problem solving skills. He enjoys competing in sprint, sea kayak, slalom, rodeo, marathon canoe and kayak, outrigger, surf ski and wildwater events.

Paddlesport Speaker Jerry McAwardJerry McAward
Introduction to Whitewater

Whitewater kayaking can be enjoyed by anybody! You’ve seen top experts running crazy whitewater on TV, but what you aren’t seeing are the hundreds of thousands of regular people who enjoy paddling rivers all over the Northeast. Paddle easy rapids your whole life or kick it up a notch - you call the shots in this truly lifetime sport. Jerry McAward, owner of Northeast PA Kayak School, will demystify this sport and have you laughing; learning to kayak is fun, funny, re- warding - and easier than you might think. Fresh air, breathtaking scenery, and healthy physical activity on rivers can be yours. Find out what goes on in a whitewater kayak lesson and ask lots of questions to discover for yourself that you CAN do whitewater!

About Jerry McAward:
A kayaker for more than 30 years, Jerry McAward has led people in outdoor adventures for most of his career and believes strongly in properly introducing new people to the sport of whitewater kayaking. Through his Northeast PA Kayak School, Jerry offers innovative kayaking instruction and Instructor Certification Workshops, including Instructor Trainer Certification Workshops for whitewater kayaking through the American Canoe Association. He has degrees in physical education/exercise physiology and commercial recreation.

Steve Scherrer Paddlesport Speaker
Steve Scherrer
Understanding Boat Design

Understanding how boats are shaped can help anyone become a better paddler! Come learn how different hull shapes are designed for different purposes and how the environment we paddle in can contribute to paddling frustration, a BAD thing...or pure bliss, a GOOD thing. All you need is a simple understanding of physics (how the boat and paddle move) and biomechanics (how our body works) to become better paddlers, no matter what the conditions!

Steve Scherrer
Lower Columbia River Water Trail by SUP

Veteran kayaker Steve Scherrer recently paddled a solo, 8-day, self-contained journey down the last 145 miles of the Columbia River on a stand up paddleboard. This is the last leg of the Lewis and Clark trail and Steve happens to live right at the end! Come see some sights of his adventure on the Mighty Columbia and learn how multi-day trips are possible on the versatile SUP.

About Steve Scherrer:
Steve started paddling a canoe at age 10 and has been hooked on paddlesports ever since. Paddling whitewater, flatwater, creekin’, canoeing, sailing, kayak surfing, sea kayaking, and competing. Steve is an ACA Level 5 Coastal Kayak Instructor Trainer Educator. Steve and his wife Cindy were co-founders of Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe in Portland, OR. After selling the shop in 2004, they took on an integral role on the Confluence Watersports team and is their Technical & Training Specialist for Kayaks.

Joey Bee, Speaker at the Jersey Paddler's Paddlesport ShowJoey Bee

Using Canoes and Kayaks to Get to Your Adventure Destination!  

Filming in the wild allows Joey to use his canoe and kayak often. Join Joey as he shows you how to create dual-purpose paddling and filming excursions so you find all that nature has to offer. From conducting wolf research to a day of paddling you will be amazed at what you can do on the water.

About Joey Bee:
Joey Bee is an environmental scientist who has researched grizzly bears, wolves, kestrels, and non-native plant species on the Sage Brush Steppe. He designed, tested, and endorsed Joey Bee Signature Series backpacks for Tranquility Mountain Outfitters. He is Creative Consultant for Tactical Rod, Temple Fork Outfitters, and is the host and producer of Joey Bee’s Outdoor Adventure television series available at JoeyBee.TV.    

Richard Eagan Paddlesport Speaker
Richard Eagan

The Delaware River Sojourn - Sharing the Journey for 20 years

Join in eight days of river fun! The Sojourn is an eight-day guided paddling trip on the wild and scenic Delaware River, combining canoeing/kayaking, camping, educational programs, historical interpretation, and more. It is for novice to experienced paddlers of all ages and is family friendly; participants can sign up for the whole event or a section or sections. Learn about the Sojourn introduces new people to paddling and encourages protecting all that the river has to offer.

Sarah Knapp Paddlesport Speaker

Sarah Knapp

What is OutdoorFest?

This summer from May 30th to June 8th OutdoorFest will bring New Yorkers ten days of adventure programming from kayaking and stand up paddleboarding to land based sports like mountain biking and rock climbing. Come here from Founder Sarah Knapp on the brand new initiative and ways to get involved and start the summer off with adventure in NYCs five boroughs.


Mark Lozier
Short Drive, Big Reds! Maximize Your Red Fish Adventure  

Join Werner Paddle’s Pro-Staff Mark Lozier as he helps you plan your Red Fish adventure. Looking beyond the local fishing grounds, Mark will dial you in for the world class inshore Red Drum fisheries of the Virginia coast, a short trip from home. He will help with a better general understanding of the species, locating then and how to target them with light tackle tactics. A bonus section on some tips to get more from your kayak fishing platform than you thought possible.

About Mark Lozier
Mark Lozier has been fishing the South East coast of Virginia since the early 90’s. For the past 10 years all of his fishing has been done from a kayak targeting inshore species on light tackle. Mark is the owner and guide for 1st Landing Kayak Fishing Services based out of Virginia Beach Va. Besides for being an endorsed guide for Native Watercraft and Daiwa fishing equipment he is also a member of the Werner Paddles Pro-Staff as well as Century Rods, Reel Fast Tackle, Aqua Dreams Living, Astral Buoyancy and Immersion Research.

Richie Moschella Paddlesport SpeakerRichie Moschella
Techniques to Catch Bass on Local Waters  

Richie Moschella will provide his insight on catching Bass on local waters using finesse and power fishing techniques and developing a pattern to coincide with the season and weather you're fishing in.
Includes a video presentation. Kayak Fishing New Jersey & Social Media's Impact On The Sport Richie Moschella Richie will discuss his favorite techniques on catching Bass out of a kayak. He will discuss finesse baits and talk about the advantages of fishing from a kayak. Learn how to use the internet and social media and promote yourself and gain exposure in the sport. Spend sometime with New Jersey's Reel Deal Fishing Show host as he shares with you lessons he has learned over years fishing out on the water.

About Richie Moschella
As producer and host of The Reel Deal Fishing Show, Richie enjoys teaching the public and showcasing techniques and locations that will help them catch fish. The Reel Deal Fishing Show can be seen world wide on YouTube.Com & cable access TV in Northern, New Jersey. He also takes great pride in being a writer and working on story's that have been published in Bass Angler Magazine, The Bass College.Richie is a well respected kayak fisherman and has been on numerous radio programs, including Outdoors This Week! His passion for the sport is unsurpassed!

Paddlesport Speaker Chris GorsuchChris Gorsuch
Kayak Angling Secrets

Freshwater fishing guide Chris Gorsuch shares the secrets to making your kayak angling a success. Chris covers tactics as well as the essential gear and Do-It-Yourself projects to make the most out of your kayak fishing adventures.

Chris Gorsuch
Kayak Angling Basics

Everything you need to know to get started kayak fishing--tips about boats and gear, techniques, and lots more.

About Chris Gorsuch:
A native of the Catskill Mountains Chris now resides in Pennsylvania fishing some of the most prolific smallmouth bass rivers in the country. He has spent his life fishing rivers and streams in Upstate NY and Eastern PA. As part of the Wilderness Systems Pro Fishing team, he loves using his Tarpon and Ride kayaks chase fish across the tri-state region. As a licensed fishing guide with Backwoods Angler TV and Guide Service, Chris focuses his time on the Delaware, Lehigh, Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers. Chris is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association and a regular guest on the nationally televised Backwoods Angler Television Show.


Troy Meyerhoeffer Paddlesport SpeakerTroy Meyerhoeffer

Preparing For and Entering Kayak Angling Touraments

The gear you need as well as tips and tricks to help aspiring kayak anglers enter and succeed in angling tournaments.
Troy Meyerhoeffer
Rigging your Fishing Kayak

How to customize your kayak for fishing the Northeast.
About Troy Meyerhoeffer:
Troy Meyerhoeffer is an avid kayak fisherman and lover of all things outdoors.  He grew up fishing Virginia's rivers and farm ponds. His mother taught him to fish for native trout and his father often took him bass fishing and hunting in the Shenandoah region. Some of his fondest childhood memories are of fishing for trout in the early morning hours and having his grandfather fix them for breakfast. He moved to New York 9 years ago and currently lives in Inwood, with his wife and two children, 3-year old Liam and 1-year old Grace. Troy spends his days taking care of Liam and Grace and can't wait to teach them how to fish and get them out on the water. You can find him fishing the waters from VA to Maine in his Wilderness Systems Ride 115 and 135. His passion for kayak fishing started a few years ago when his wife got him a kayak. Now he finds every opportunity to be on the water and keeps the car full of fishing gear so that he can be off at a moment’s notice.

Paddlesport Speaker Rick WolbertRick Wolbert
Tide Running - Saltwater Kayak Fishing on the New Jersey Coast

Rick shares tips on how to get started in coastal kayak fishing, how to launch and land in the surf, suggestions for where to fish and how to go about night fishing from a kayak.

About Rick Wolbert:
Rick Wolbert is a fly & light tackle kayak fishing guide who has been fishing the Great Bay area since he was 7 years old. He enjoys chasing Stripers, Blues, Fluke and any thing else that swims. Rick is also Vice President of the Atlantic SaltWater Flyrodders, is a Heroes On The Water guide, and wants to share his knowledge to help you get into the flow of the great sport of kayak fishing.

Paddlesport Speaker John LuchkaJohn Luchka
Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips, Tackle & Tactics
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

John will share saltwater tips, from tackle selection for all species in season to how to safely catch, land, and release your catch. Learn about using your electronics to find structure and mark your waypoints, and how to troll and safely maneuver your kayak. 

About John Luchka:
Captain John Luchka is a USCG Licensed Master Captain and owner of Long Run Fishing Charters. He has been fishing the New Jersey Shore and Western Long Island Sound for over 40+ years. His articles have appeared in The Fisherman Magazine, New Jersey Angler, Striped Bass Magazine, Saltwater Sportsman and Noreast Magazine, and he is a touring instructor with the Saltwater Sportsmen National Seminar Series. He is a member of the Hobie Fishing Team. 

Paddlesport Speaker John Toast Oast

John "Toast" Oast
Rigging a Kayak for Fishing

Ocean Kayak Fishing Team and Johnson Outdoors Pro Staff John "Toast" Oast will guide you through the choices you have for rigging your kayak for fishing. He'll cover the choice of kayak, sit-on-top vs. sit-inside, and then showcase and discuss common accessories, some that are retail products and others that are improvised: Milk crates or coolers, paddle leashes, rod leashes, anchors and anchor trolleys, flush rod holders, pivoting rod holders, fish finders and more. Learn about the rigging process as well to get you set for a great kayak fishing experience.

John "Toast" Oast
Kayak Fishing the Susquehanna

About John "Toast" Oast:
ohn "Toast" Oast, is the founder of the Pennsylvania Kayak Fishing Association and the Williamsburg Kayak Fishing Association in Virginia. He is the publisher of Susquehanna Fishing Magazine and the popular kayak rigging videos, and is a member of the Ocean Kayak Fishing Team and Johnson Outdoors Pro Staff. Oast is proficient with both fly and conventional tackle, and can often be found fishing for any of the Chesapeake Bay's abundant species of fish, or floating Pennsylvania's rivers and lakes for bass, crappie or anything else he stumbles upon.

John "Toast" Oast and Capt. Dan Hubbard
Kayak Fishing the Susquehanna

Dan Hubbard, Paddlesport Speaker

Capt. Dan Hubbard
River Kayak Fishing

Learn from this professional kayak fishing guide about conditions, safety and techniques for fishing from a kayak on a river. Topics include: safety on the river; what to watch for and be aware of; current, structure and the water column and how to handle different conditions; species and their seasons; logistics and planning; and also choices in tackle and gear.

Capt. Dan Hubbard
Summer River Musky Techniques

An overview into chasing these river monsters during the warmer, summer months in rivers. This seminar will cover topics that will include where to look, when, and what to use in your quest for the fish of 10,000 casts from a kayak in those warm, low water summer rivers.

Capt. Dan Hubbard
Kayak Fly Casting 


Come to this seminar for a multi-faceted approach to fly-fishing from kayaks. Understand current in river environments and how to apply fly casting. Learn about position, the presentation of your kayak and fly cast relative to water type. This experienced kayak fishing guide will coach you through handling fish at the kayak on the flyrod and choosing the proper flyrod for kayak fishing.

Capt. Dan Hubbard
Multi-Day Expeditionary Kayak Fishing and Camping

Extend the fun of kayak fishing by going on an overnight or longer expedition! Learn how to prepare for multi-day trips--the planning and logistics, picking menus, packing, fuel and other gear to make your trip a success.

Capt. Dan Hubbard
Kayak Waterfowl Hunting

Join Capt. Hubbard, an experienced hunting guide, and learn how to get started with hunting from a kayak. Plan a safe trip, choose gear and rigging specific to kayak hunting, how to secure firearms for river goose and duck hunting.

About Capt. Daniel B Hubbard:
Owner, Anthracite Outfitters LLC Kayak Fishing Guide Service, USCG Licensed Captain, Licensed PA Fishing Guide/Charter Boat Captain, Dan started fishing in grade school with a surf rod on the Jersey Shore and has been fishing for the last 30 years. He has fished and worked in places from the distant lakes of Northern Quebec, to the US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Israel and many places in between for a variety of species. Dan is also an accomplished hunter and paddler who spent his youth in the waves of the Jersey Shore and in the mountains and rivers of Pennsylvania where he gained a respect for the environment and the challenges and joys that it can provide. He started Anthracite Outfitters after years of kayak fishing and hunting and the desire to share his love for the sports and his experience with others. 

Beau Thebault Paddlesport SpeakerBeau Thebault
The Skinny Water Experience – Shallow Water Sight Cast Fly Angling from a Paddleboard

There is a community of anglers today using paddleboards much more as super-small boats rather than over-sized surfboards. They are utilizing the inherent stealth and maneuverability of paddleboards to experience fly angling in an entirely new way. Join Beau as he discusses the ins-and-outs of the Skinny Water Experience – both fresh and salt - from a paddleboard. Beau will demonstrate and explain the ins-and-outs of this approach to fishing. Specifically he will cover the topics of how to rig your deck for a day on the water, the various uses of push poles, how to best navigate wind and sun angles, as well as tips on many other aspects of fly casting from a paddleboard.

About Beau Thebault:
Beau is a lifelong fly angler and a career entrepreneur who in 2011 left his “Monday through Friday” in NYC to spend more time with his daughter in Vermont. This mash-up of circumstances brought about the inevitable advent of Vermont Paddleboard Outfitters – a paddleboard guide service specializing in shallow water, sight cast, fly fishing. Orvis News commented, “Beau’s set-up is ingenious. I am totally sold on the SUP concept now. I think he’s hit on something…” Learn more about Beau at or


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